Material Data Information

Colored/Stamped Concrete Literature

Brickform Standard Color Selection Guide – Release Agents

  • These are used to accent the stamped concrete pattern to achieve a “natural” look.
  • We recommend 1-2 choices for accenting a stamped concrete pattern.

  Concrete Color Samples

Solomon Colors: Dry Pigment Ready Mix Color Card – Color of Concrete

  • These colors are the colors that can be added to our Concrete from the supplier.
  • 1 Color can be chosen per truck of Concrete

  Concrete Color Samples

Brickform Stamps – the Stamps that are used to impregnate the concrete

  • There are a wide range of stamps here that can be used for your projects.
  • Some stamps are not available in this area. Please contact our information staff to find out if the stamp pattern you like is available.

  Stone Style Stamps
  Slate Style Stamps
  Brick Style Stamps
  Wood Style Stamps
  Seamless Textured Stamps

Masonry Literature

  Unilock Pavers/Walls/Fire Pits/Columns
  Dutch Quality Stone (Cultured Stone)
  Eldorado Stone (Cultured Stone/Brick/Fire Place/Architectural)
  Stone Craft Industries (Cultured Stone)

Additional Literature On Other Construction Products

  Rubber Expansion Joints (Used for standard concrete procedures)
  Foam Expansion Joints (Used for standard concrete procedures)
  Fiber Expansion Joints (Used for standard concrete procedures)
  Wire Mesh (Steel Structural Support for Flat Concrete procedures)
  Fiber Mesh (Use in Concrete mix for structural support)
  Geo-Grid (Structural Support for retaining walls)
  Kichler (Outdoor lighting)
  ACI (American Concrete Institution) Concrete Mix Design
  Euclid Chemical; Super Diamond Clear (For Concrete Sealing/Resealing)
  V-Seal Concrete Sealer (Plain Concrete Driveways/Parking Lots/Sidewalks/Curbs)